Life is too short to wear boring sneakers
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About Emjaywhy

We turn boring sneakers into wearable works of art

EMJAYWHY is all about customising. Individuality, being yourself, expressing your inner thoughts and putting it all together on a sneaker. Stand out from the crowd and own a sneaker that will be all about YOU. Own a one of a kind sneaker no one else will own. Collaboration is key, so we take the time to get to your vision, own it and bring it to life. We encourage the owner to be part of the process. Throw as many ideas at us and know this for sure, we have a budget to suit you. Let’s create something beautiful!

Name/words + Anagram
80% to 90% of the shoe is left as is and a subtle design of your choice is added to the shoe
Name/words + Anagram + 2 to 3 colours
50% of the shoe is left untouched with the design of your choice taking up the rest. The design will include 2 or 3 colours of your choice.
Name/words + Anagram + colours
60-70% of the shoe is covered in artwork. Endless use of colour
Name/words + Anagram + colours + Glitter/diamanté’s + added materials

You may not recognise the original colour of the shoe.

Go as crazy as possible with the design. As they say on the streets, “Dala what you must” The collaboration session and the final execution may take longer, but this is just to understand and ensure that the clients exact requirements are met.
How much of the shoe would you like covered?
Good shoes take you to good places.
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